Help with the Trip Planner Results page

There is more detail about the Trip Planner™ in the Site Description, especially about the what the fields/boxes of the form mean and do for you. This help page is more about what you see here.

Trips start with a summary in a black box with the first load and reloads in different- colored boxes underneath it. A load consists of three lines. Trips are sorted by deadhead miles, the fewest first.

Each load listed in the multi-colored boxes consists of all the data for that load. Below is the heading (3 lines) from the load list ("Find Loads" from the dropdown of the "Loads" main-menu item) showing the names of the data fields as they appear in each load listed there, but aligned for the loads listed here. Below that is an example of 3 lines of load data. Each line of the actual data is aligned under the name of the field in the respective heading line. The listings here in the Trip Planner™ do not have the headings and subsequent lines are not indented to the right of the line above as they are in the load list. A pair of dashes means that the data for that particular field was not provided.

Available Dates        Originating City        Contact

Type of Truck Destination City Company
Load Type Pay Amount Content LoadSize Trip Miles
10/22/10-10/22/10      Lincoln,NE              ABC Company 800-370-5863 
 Reefer                 Hager City,WI           Allen Lund Company           
--          0.00           --              FULL      395 miles

Trip categories, i.e., No-reload trips, One-reload trips, etc., are separated by a large blue bar announcing this. You can use the buttons on the right side of the screen to jump to the start of a category.

Any number and "miles" in parentheses after an originating city is how far from the destination city of the previous load (or the original Originating City) that city is.

The State Search field allows you to choose exactly the states in which you wish to operate. Options are all states in all North-American countries, one or two of those countries, any of those contries plus some states in another country (bordering the first country makes the most sense in this case), or you can simply choose one or more states from the complete list. To choose the first option, simply click on it. If you want to choose multiple options, such as a group of US states that border each other, choose the first one and then hold down the CTRL button each time you click to add another state.

The Max Miles per day is calculated on whether the entire trip can be made with an average of the Max per day you enter. This allows one or more loads within the trip to be farther away from the previous load than the Max per day, but the entire trip can still be made within the time frame specified.

The mileage required to deliver the last load in a trip is not taken into account for Max Miles per day.

Browser functions CTRL-F (Find Text), Home, End, Page Up/Down, and the scrollbar can also be used here.

The Trip Planner form is on this page to the left at the top. This allows you to change what you've entered without having to go back to the Home page.