Below are video demos and tutorials for your viewing pleasure. They go into detail about how to use the features of and what they can do for you.

Feature: The Trip Planner™, Form and Results Page
Find complete, round trips from home base or any city, and one-way trips from any city to another city. Each trip consists of the original load and 1-4 "reloads" for your equipment; one-way trips include straight shots.

Feature: The Daisy Chain of Reloads™ and settings
Finds all possible reloads for the load chosen from the load list and the sample loads on the Home page, and allows the same for those reloads found, which can be followed until there are no more reloads to be had.

Feature: Load-searching and the List/Manage Loads page
See the most-powerful searching capabilities in the industry.

Feature: Multi-load Posting
Find out how to post any number of loads at once, on the site and via email.

Feature: Multi-truck Posting
Find out how to post any number of trucks at once, on the site and via email.

Feature: Uploading/Viewing a driver's paperwork
Learn how allows you to upload your authority and insurance and allow brokers/shippers to view them with no more effort on your part.

Feature: Matching your trucks and loads
See if matching your trucks to available loads and/or matching your loads to available trucks when you post them or later, if better for you.

Feature: Setting up email and text alerts
Setting up your receiving of emails and/or text messages from the site whenever a load is posted that matches your truck and vice versa.

Miscellaneous Features, Links, Posting, Forms and Layout
Covers navigations buttons, Home page links, credit scores and reports, sending email for a load or truck, special features, easy layout philosophy, load/truck posting, managing entry data, and more.